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Rimmon Judaica Kippah, Kippot, Yarmulkes, Skull Caps

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Rimmon Judaica Kippah

Shema Yisrael (or Sh'ma Yisroel or just Shema) are the first two words of a section of the Torah (Hebrew Bible) that is used as a centerpiece of all morning and evening Jewish prayer services and closely echoes the monotheistic message of Judaism. It is considered the most important prayer in Judaism, and its twice-daily recitation is a mitzvah (religious commandment). Its main content is loving the one God with all one's heart, soul and might, and the rewards that come with this.

The Talmud says that the purpose of wearing a kippah is to remind us of God, who is the Higher Authority "above us" (Kiddushin 31a). It is perhaps the most instantly identifiable mark of a Jew. In the world, it is customary to remove one's head covering when meeting an important person or entering a building, such as a school.

Beautiful fully lined cotton Kippah - Jerusalem White. The design is machine embroidered. Made in Israel By Yair Emanuel. Measures 7" in diameter (fitts adults and children). For quantity discounts and for personalization on bulk orders please contact us.

Rimmon Judaica Products On Sale

Black Satin Kippah

Black Satin Kippah
Description : High Quality Black Satin Kippah. Large Quantity Discount available and printing your personal message. Size 5 which is normal adult size but other sizes available as well. All Kippahs are lined with cotton.
Price : $8 USD

Burgundy Velvet Kippah.

Burgundy Velvet Kippah.
Description : We offer printing inside the Kippah in any colour, any font, Hebrew and/or English, free setting. All Kippahs are lined with cotton. Please contact us if you need more.Burgundy Velvet Kippah, with cotton lining. High quality. Embroidery available to make it a personalised Kippah.

Price : $7 USD

Mezuzah Case Door Keeper Judaica

Mezuzah Case Door Keeper Judaica
Description : Mezuzah case to attach to the door Height: 7.5in, 19cm, suitable for 12cm or 10cm scroll, Sterling Silver 925 plated, scroll not included.Mezuzah for the Jewish home, Mezuzah case, not scroll, but available from us.Mezuzah case Sterling silver plated, traditional design (more available if you are interested to buy a large quantity).
Price : $56 USD

Kiddush Cup

Kiddush Cup
Description : Hallmarked Sterling silver 925 very light cup as not plated, Ideal gift for baby boy. We can engrave a personal message for extra 10 - depending on text, contact us if you are interested.Kiddush Cup, Sterling silver 925, with Hebrew text 'A Good Boy'.
Price : $91 USD

Suede Kippot Black Suede Kippah Yarmulke

Suede Kippot Black Suede Kippah Yarmulke
Description : Suede Kippah, High quality, Ideal gift for a gift for a Jewish boy birthday! (also big boys...) One size Suede cupples.Suede Kippot Black Kippah, Yarmulkes.High quality Suede. One size Kippah for adults and kids.
Price : $6 USD

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